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New Orleans Trannies

We're here, we're queer... sort of.

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Finding herself distressed by the lack of a LiveJournal community for the New Orleans transgender population, rezu decided one fine day to create such a community.

The purpose of this community is to share info about doctors, surgery, hormone replacement therapy, feminizing or masculinizing options, general tranny life, and any/all other things related to transsexuality/transgenderism.

This community is open to FTMs, MTFs, intersexuals, genderqueers, genderfucks, transvestites, or anyone that even remotely considers themselves transgendered. Trans-allies are also welcome.

Hate, flamewars, trolling, or being abusive in any other way is not tolerated, and if you intend to engage in such activity here, expect to find yourself promptly banned from the community with no warning, and to be reported to the LiveJournal abuse staff.

Some handy-dandy links:
  • The Gulf Gender Alliance, whose website doesn't really offer a lot in the way of info unless you're a dues-paying member, but is at least a viable option. An interesting facet of the GGA website is that it looks like it was designed in 1995 and hasn't been redesigned since.

  • The Lesbian/Gay Community Centre of New Orleans, which, sadly, seems to have had its website shut down and its domain stolen by a domain squatter. The place is still around, though; you can find it at 2114 Decatur Street in the Marigny. The LGCCNO has a monthly support group meeting for transgendered people on the first Tuesday of each month.

  • GayNewOrleans.com, a more general resource for LGBTIQ types.